A good system is a system that when a problem occurs, it can be identified and resolved quickly so that the system can be used properly again.

To be able to identify problems quickly we can make a note that can record all activities or processes carried out by the system. These records are commonly referred to as logs.

The logs can be saved or written to a separate file or written to a third party monitoring system according to the user’s business needs.

According to techoped.com,

As we all know, neat and good architecture is important for a system. because if the system architecture is not good, it will have a bad impact in the future.

Likewise with the Rest API, the better the architecture that is built, it will make it easier for developers to do maintenance and can also improve performance.

One of the well-known clean architectural concepts used by Robert C. Martin or commonly known as Uncle Bob.

In creating an API / Web Service, a developer needs to make clear documentation about the service being made. This will make it easier for clients who will consume our web service have no difficulty using it.

There are actually many ways to document a web service. one of them is using a .

As quoted from the official website

In the Golang programming language, there are several libraries that can be used to create documentation…

When creating a program or an API, we will not be separated from data type manipulation. one of the most frequently used data types is strings.String data type is a data type that contains text or characters.

In the go programming language, a package has been provided to make it easier for us to manipulate or process data with string types, namely .

How to use it is very easy. we just need to import the package. then we can use it.

  1. Change text from lowercase to uppercase or uppercase to lowercase

We can change the text from lowercase to…

Struct is a collection of variables or functions that have various data types. in the go programming language, we can create new variables using structs. the use of structs is usually done to make it easier to call data.

Writing a struct begins with a then continues with the

Just like any other programming language, in the Go programming language, there are several types of data that can be used. One of the data types commonly used is the array data type.

Besides the array data type, there are several data types that are almost similar to or related to arrays, namely slices and maps.

In this article, we will discuss the use of arrays, slices and maps in golang

1. Array

The array data type is a structured data type that can store a lot of data. usually the data stored has the same type.

In golang, the number of…

Backend developer is an IT developer whose job is to make logic in a system so that it can function properly. In addition to making logic, a backend developer is also responsible for creating and managing data storage and optimizing system performance to make it comfortable for users to use.

Usually backend developer will work with frontend developers to be able to create a good system.

There are several things that must be considered and learned in order to become a backend developer, including the following:


It is important for a developer, especially backend developers, to understand the algorithm.


Looping in programming languages ​​is the process of repeating the execution of a block of code until the desired conditions are met.

If the desired conditions are not met, the looping process will be terminated using a break statement, etc.

In the GO programming language, the looping process uses a for statement. The following is the use of for in the GO language.

  1. Using without additional conditions and statements

Selection Condition is a condition needed to determine the program flow you want to use. this condition is needed in a system to control the running of the program.

It is the same as the traffic lights on the road. This light will regulate when the vehicle must stop and when the vehicle can return.

The selection condition function is like a traffic light, for example we want to display output A, we can use the selection when we will display output A and when we do not display output A.

Just like other programming languages, in Golang programming language…

The use of operators in a system is one of the most important things a developer uses when he wants to produce a value or when he wants to connect one value to another.

There are several types of operators that are commonly used:

First, arithmetic operators.
Arithmetic operators are commonly used to perform arithmetic calculations

Some arithmetic operators commonly used are as follows:

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